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  • These Terms of Service reflect the way of working of Innove Guide as a company, the laws by which we are governed will help define the relationship we will have with you when you interact with our service.

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I accept that Innove Guide contacts me in order to offer a better service and that Innove Guide processes the information provided for commercial purposes. I understand that if the information on the number of implants indicated and the number of jaws required is not accurate, additional costs will be added at the time of processing the order. This will be communicated to you. by email notification. I accept that I have read the information on the delivery times of the different guides and the requirements to be able to receive the requested guide. In order to obtain this information, you can go to "https://innove.guide/características". I understand that I must send the necessary files for the preparation of the guide, which can be the STL files, the silicone impression or the plaster models of the patient, and if necessary the DICOM files of the patient. I understand that any delay in shipping this will be reflected in a delay in making and shipping the guide.

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