We help you in guided implant surgery, bone reduction, maxillary
sinus lift or surgical resection of autologous graft


It is the new standard in implantology, offering an aid in planning, osteotomy and precise implant installation.

Guided Implant

Guided implant surgery is the standard of treatment. Increase precision, regain function, and deliver fast, modern treatment with Innove Guide planning and guides.

Bone reduction

It removes only the bone tissue necessary for precise implant installation, leaves nothing to chance, and offers conservative treatment.

Our other services

Innove Esthetic

Coronary carving and lengthening guides
to carry out aesthetic digital planning.

Innove Access

Digitally guided endodontic access system
for safe and conservative treatment.

Innove Ortho

Indirect cementing of brackets and guided
installation of microscrews.

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Innove is a digital company that provides a service to dentists who care about predictability, precision, quality, time savings and innovation.


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